Call for Submissions: Permutation LA

Do you love being part of LA? Would you like to be part of an art exhibit that celebrates LA in all its glorious diversity? I am seeking submission of photographs for an upcoming project at the Los Angeles Art Association. I’m making a new version of a work called Permutation, a video installation that explores the paradox of similarity and difference between individuals. This is what Permutation looked like when I created it at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco last year:


To create this work I need your help!

I’m inviting as many members of the public to participate as possible. Between now and August 31, you can submit a photo portrait of yourself to be included in my video installation! Through the contribution of community portrait photos I’ll create a video that reflects the many facets of the Los Angeles arts community and the individuals from the broader communities that make up Los Angeles. The work will be exhibited at Los Angeles Art Association’s Gallery 825 in September, with the opening on Friday, September 10, 2016 from 6-9 p.m.

Submit a digital photo with the following specifications

  • Size and resolution should be at least 1920 x 1080 pixels (photos taken from most digital cameras should be fine)
  • Face the camera with your shoulders square and your entire head well inside the frame and centered
  • The photo should be horizontal (wide), not vertical (tall)
  • Make sure there are no strong shadows on your face
  • Save the photo as a JPEG (.jpg) and name the file with your first and last name, like so: “firstname_lastname.jpg” (for example: jane_doe.jpg)

Like this:
Permutation example submission

Submit your photo here

Thanks for your help, and don’t forget to come see yourself in Permutation at Gallery 825 between September 10 and October 7, 2016.